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Water Damage Restoration NYC

Manhattan | Bronx | Queens | Brooklyn | Staten Island | Long Island

After a flooded property, home or commercial space, the most important aspect about the restoration is getting you back to where you were. At SOS Restoration NY, we understand the extent of damage, and thus provide exclusive water damage restoration NYC. We pride ourselves on honed water damage removal services, through Hands-on experience to restore your home, office and property to their initial state. With top grade water suction equipment, drying and air movers, you can be confident that your property is safe as it were before water damage.

Flooded Basement in NYC

Water calamities are lethal especially in the rainy season. With a poor drainage system in and out of your home, you should be worried. Basement flooding cases are rampant and affiliated to heavy rains that overwhelm your drainage system. SOS Restoration is an arm stretch away. We drain basements within the least time and also repair faulty parts in your system. Blocked or damaged pipes can lead to basement flooding. We can make this go away at a considerable price. Call us today and enjoy fast flooded basement restoration.

Causes Of Water in Basement.

Sometimes flooding becomes inevitable. At some point you find your basement flooded due to insufficient drainage or faults. The forces of nature can lead to uncontrolled infiltration of water to your basement. This happens when the soil reaches maximum water absorption forcing the rest to flow through hydrostatic pressure. Water leakage is the leading cause of basement flooding. Increase in the amount of water exceeding the soils absorption can lead to water leak through windows and cracks. Faulty drainage systems may also lead to eventual water drip into your basement and cause a flood consequently. You don’t need to panic. We are masters in flood management.

Mold Remediation in NYC

We all know that mold removal can be a daunting task. Where do you even begin? However, leave all the hassle to us, we are industry experts in mold remediation in NYC for decades. In fact, through this period, we have identified the best tools and appliances for effective mold removal. 

Most noteworthy, at SOS Restoration NY, our accessories include but not limited to; HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Vacuums, air scrubbers, strength dehumidifiers, air exchange equipment and the best tools along this line.

Moreover, our team of professionals is skilled in testing, real property cleaning, deodorizing and treating the mold with microbials for safe living spaces.

Water Removal Service in NYC

Certainly, how fast you call for water removal services makes all the difference. At SOS Restoration, we have a propmt service team that will arrive to your location in the least time possible. we respect you by valuing your time and respect your property by using the best water removal technique that does not threaten the structure of your home, or building.

Whether it is a broken, or frozen pipe, Sink overflows, heavy rains, storms, or even high humidity, we are the perfect fit. We’ve the best water removal and drying tools that get rid of damp, mold, and wet efficiently, and fast.

Fire damage restoration

First, we hope that you and your family are all O.K. and that there are no damages or worst besides the property.

Over one million houses are burnt every year in the US. We cannot imagine the sorrow and fear of a homeowner who faced a wildfire destroying his property. But #^%& happens. What we do know is how to deal with the damages, restore the house. We will bring the house back to the owner in a clean and as new shape. Moreover, we will deal with the insurance and maximize your coverage.

The best water damage restoration solutions in NYC

Manhattan | Bronx | Queens | Brooklyn | Staten Island | Long Island

SOS Restoration NY offers 24/7 Water damage control and restoration. With over 20 Years of experience you can rest assured knowing that the job is done by professionals.

Don’t leave the job to just a water damage service, call an expert! At SOS Restoration NY we pride ourselves on prompt service delivery, ultimately reducing the extent of the damage.

We’ll maximize your insurance coverage