S.O.S Restoration NY Company

When it comes to serving people who need assistance either due to flooding, fires, storms or mold, SOS Restoration NY has been there for more than a decade now giving our clients a breather when they are in need. As such, we have become a part of the community here in NYC for our professionalism and integrity.  While it might be tempting to do the repairs yourself, some matters need a master’s hand and that is who we are. The job today is simply more complicated than many people like to admit and consequently only trained professionals can handle them.

20 Years of experience

For over 20 years, we have exclusively taken over the market courtesy of our professional and expert service delivery. Moreover, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on each service package. Through this period, we have understood the best machinery, tools and equipment for effective restoration and remediation. Even more, we have honed our skills to offer the best services.

Flood and water damage repair

Your property is usually made of materials that rent exactly the best when they come into contact with water. Usually caused by storms, leaking pipes, and shaky plumbing. Water has the potential to really damage things. From freezing pipes that burst, causing cracks and structural integrity issues to ruined carpets and also warp wood. Water damage should be taken very seriously.


Mold Remediation

As a result of moist conditions and darkness, mold can be a plague to a family or anyone living in an infested area. Mold if left unchecked produces mycotoxins which cause some people to have severe reactions such as difficulty breathing, asthma attacks etc. letting professionals handle the job ensures that the mold is identified and removed. If any structures need rebuilding, we can take care of that too.

Why Choose Us?

Handling the aftermath of a disaster is a huge job. Further, you are likely to spend quite a chunk of change before the property is back to its old self. Owing to that, you cannot hand the contract for the job to just any company without making a list of checkmarks which a company must pass. At SOS Restoration NY, we take pride in knowing we are the best candidate to handle water damage and storm damage restoration. Here are some of the things that make us special;

Insurance and licensing

We are licensed by the local authorities to conduct our business. Furthermore, we have taken up insurance to make sure that our clients can feel at peace with us as we work on their properties. In that case, if anything is damaged as a result of our technician, we shall cover all associated costs without ugly disputes.


A company’s reputation is its biggest asset and to that end, we have fought tooth and nail to keep up our sterling record clean of negative reviews. Since we value the feedback given to us by our customers, we make sure to perform a great job; one which you can even tell strangers about.


At SOS Restoration NY, we pride ourselves on providing our clientele with a fair pricing of everything so that they can spread a good word about us. For many, pricing is usually a challenge especially when you are paying yourself and not the insurance. For those using insurance, we have also updated to help smooth things over between insurance companies and the clients.

We're Local and We Care!

In order to quickly reach our prospective clients, we have strategically positioned ourselves in a way that we can be able to respond to a call in the least time possible. When it comes to some types of damage such as water, its best to move as fast as possible to save yourself a lot of money and grief. Being a local company, we have offices spread over and beyond the NYC for immediate and prompt response. Moreover, we understand even the small aspects that make our water damage restoration in NYC a success.

Sanitation & disinfection services in NYC

As a restoration company, we offer sanitation & disinfection services all over NYC. Using EPA and CDC materials, friendly to human and pet. If you thing your house is infected or your office hosted an infected person, call us, and you’ll get the best sos mitigation service in NYC. We are a professional team of cleaning technicians who are dedicated to give great sanitation and disinfection services in NYC.

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