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During construction of a home, contractors design it in a way that the basement cannot flood. But as time and the forces of nature continue to act on your foundation, it is bound to leak sooner or later. If this happens you don’t have to worry as SOS Restoration is here to deal with any type of basement flooding. It is a problem that we solve fast and effectively. Due to the many ways that basements floods, the variety of solutions on the market, and because of how important it is to be able to count on your basement as dry and usable space, we offer Flooded Basement Restoration in Bronx County.

Causes Of Water In The Basement

Basements can flood from almost any point, including the walls, floor, pipes, hatchway entrances and windows. The solution to a flooded basement depends entirely on the root cause of the floods.one of the cause of basement flooding is hydrostatic pressure. When an area experiences heavy rains or melting snow and the ground is saturated and can no longer absorb any more water. As the water saturation in the ground rises under your homes foundation, hydrostatic pressure develops. The water must find somewhere to go, and it often goes into your basement. Also basement flooding can occur from the windows. The purpose of a basement window is to allow light and air into the basement. However, during heavy rains or drainage problems water can collect within the window well, building up pressure which can cause seepage through cracks or gaps around the window causing basement flooding.

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Bronx County

Basement flooding is a horror to every home owner. If basement flooding should happen to you don’t retreat into a fetal position on your couch and hope for the best, no matter how much you want to. You can deal with Flooded Basement Restoration in Bronx County. First is to stop the flow of water depending on the source of flooding, you need a professional grade pump to pump out the water because the longer the water sits, the longer your dry walls spend under water, the more long-term damage thus the more it costs to clean up. Open all windows and doors and run dehumidifiers. Also Sanitize the basement to avoid molds then ventilate the room.

Flooded Basement Restoration in Bronx County

Basement Flooding Cleanup in Brooklyn, NY

Has a pipe or an appliance supply line broken? Has your home or business been hit by severe weather? SOS Restoration is equipped to handle water damage restoration in your home or business no matter the cause. We send our professionals to you and they assess the cause and extent of your basement flooding, explain the damage and the best solution for the flooding, extract the water from your home, dry the structure and contents as necessary then lastly use dehumidifiers and other modern equipment’s to ensure no hidden moisture causes additional damage. All these services are available at pocket friendly prices.

Flooded Basement bronx

When the disaster of basement flooding occurs at your place, don’t worry. First you have to find the source of the basement flood and once we have taken care of it, we start up the cleaning as soon as possible. Before entering the basement one must ensure it is safe to do so and no hazards can occur. Pump out the water, after this is done cleaning and santasizing follows as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Remove dirt, any damaged items, salvage valuable and savable items the sanitize and disinfect. To stop mold and mildew from growing you will want to ensure the walls, flooring and any other items in the basement are completely dried. Also open all the ventilations available to expose the basement to as much air as possible.

Basement Waterproofing in Bronx County

Waterproofing a basement requires more than simply patching up trouble spots. Instead, it is important to not only locate the source of the leaks, but also check for faults in the foundation of the home and prevent future cracks. SOS Restoration offers services in the interior and exterior basement waterproofing solutions in New York that will turn your basement into a usable dry space that increase the value of your home. We also offer a transferable lifetime warranty for both exterior and interior systems, so you don’t need to worry regarding invested time, money and effort. We are the best choice you can make.

Basement Maintenance in Bronx County

There is no reason to worry about basement maintenance. If done regularly and thoroughly, basement maintenance is neither expensive, nor strenuous. In order to avoid structural damage which can result to very expensive repairs, basement maintenance needs to be at the top of your house related concerns. A damp basement can lead to fungus, mildew and even molds. Even worse, it can cause health problems for the residents. You don’t have to worry on how you will maintain your basement, SOS Restoration is here to help you out with our most qualified professionals. Call us today for Flooded Basement Restoration in Bronx County.

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