Flooded Basement Restoration in Queens County

in NYC

Calamities do often strike at the most unexpected times. SOS Restoration is the best when it comes to Flooded Basement Restoration in Brooklyn, NY. Our technicians have hands-on, professional training and experience in water damage restoration services. We will build the right action plan for your situation and guide you through every part of the process as we work to restore your property. Using the latest technology, SOS Restoration experts will remove the water and repair the damage quickly.  Reach out to us if your basement is flooded and we will help you out. Our prices are flexible to everyone.

Causes Of Water In The Basement

A flooded basement can occur at any time and can begin to cause serious damage to the structure of a residence in a short period of time. A common cause of basement flooding is cracks in waterproofing material. Heavy rains or inadequate grading can cause the waterproofing systems used to ensure that the basement does not leak to be weak. It is important to use quality materials to build the waterproofing system to ensure that it is sturdy enough to handled increased rain accumulation. If poor grading is the problem, we do correct it to prevent the water leaks. The water damage experts at SOS Restoration Company are always available to assist you with any questions regarding flooded basements and water cleanup.

Flooded Basement Cleanup in Brooklyn, NY

We use a proven process that properly manages dehumidification and temperature to most effectively and efficiently facilitate evaporation thus resulting to drying. We measure the moisture content of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate standards of drying. Unlike any other company for Flooded Basement Restoration in Brooklyn, NY we rescue and restore lives and property in the shortest time possible and at a much lower cost than most of our competitors. Our skilled professionals use state of the art techniques, cleaning solutions and equipment to efficiently restore your property.

Flooded Basement Restoration in Brooklyn, NY

Basement Flooding Cleanup in Brooklyn, NY

Flooded basement cleanup prevents the growth of mold and mildew also it prevents health risks that are caused by the flooded water in the basement. The first step of the cleanup will be an inspection. Always perform a check of the home before our inspectors arrive so as you can guide them to the areas where the damage is. Our inspector will examine the area thoroughly and determine the full amount of work that is required to restore the home. While the cleaning up process is taking place, deodorizers will be placed in the home to prevent the smell of mildew and mold from permeating everything. Throughout the entire cleaning process, our professionals will communicate with you to keep you updated and one can inform them of any potential problems that may arise.

How To Deal With A Flooded Basement

Unexpected water in your basement can damage walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture, and lead to growth of molds. When you experience a flooded basement for the first time, it is important to find out if the water problems are going to recur or it if it was a one-time event. However before entering your basement you will need to ensure that it is safe to do so. There are many hazards that come with flooded basement cleanup, including electric shock, gas leaks, raw sewage and structural damage. First pump out the water, clean and sanitize the place then lastly dry your basement. All this processes do require an expert for Flooded Basement Restoration in Brooklyn, NY.

Basement Waterproofing in Brooklyn, NY

It is important to waterproof your basement to avoid unnecessary basement flooding. Whether your foundation is fieldstone, cement or concrete block, at some point it will be penetrated by water resulting in a wet, moldy or flooded basement. We provide several effective waterproofing solutions like sump pumps, battery backups, basement sealing among many others. All this come at a reasonable price and our professionals always advice our clients on the best option to choose considering your residence. Contact us today, you don’t have to suffer from basement floods again.

Basement Maintenance in Brooklyn, NY

SOS Restoration NY has many years of experience in dealing with Flooded Basement Restoration in Brooklyn, NY. While offering our services to you our main goal is to ensure that there will be no future reoccurrence of flooding in the basement. Our professionals are familiar with all the modern ways of basement maintenance. They do examine, and repair foundation cracks effectively. Also we landscape your yard and redirect water away from your home. Reach out to us for basement maintenance services in New York, to avoid the expensive costs that are caused by basement floods.

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