Flooded Basement

in NYC

You never know when calamity strikes and thus we are your Pro when it comes to water damage restoration in NY. Even more, our experienced water damage restoration specialists ensure that we drain your flooded basement within the shortest time possible. A flooded basement can be due to insufficient drainage around basement, heavy rains, storms and floods, a faulty pump or these factors combined. Since water movements follow paths that have minimum resistance resulting in cracks and holes through basement walls, it is important to take up restoration process fast enough. We have the experience, workforce, and apparatus that can adequately handle factors that cause basement flooding. We are active, fast; respond immediately at any time at an affordable price.

Water in the Basement causes

Many property owners at one point experience the problem of a flooded basement. This scenario could be caused a variety of influences. One, Level of the depth of water below the ground differs by location. During rains or melting snow, the earth absorbs water. When the soil can absorb no more water, the excess water finds its way to your basement through hydrostatic pressure.

Secondly, which is the most common is a Leakage! This type of basement flooding occurs when lateral pressure occurs due to the soil expanding and increasing when absorbing water during normal weather. Leakage can also happen through basement window wells. During heavy rains or poor drainage system water collects, which consequently increases pressure and leaks through cracks around the window. All these are reasons why you could have water in basement. However, there’s no need for alarm when you have a water damage restoration expert at hand.

Flooded Basement Pump out

When it comes to pumping water out of your basement we are prompt and come with required equipment to restore your basement to normal standing. We are available at any time of the day when you need us. Our expert team effectively performs water restoration services by standards for professional water damage and flood damage restoration. We access your basement for risks such as electric shock, gas leaks and raw sewage. If there is no risk, we start the flood cleanup process. We then pump out the water using a dry or wet vacuum, or submersible pump depending on the depth of the floods. Our experts cautiously pump the water into a tank balancing pressure with the outside environment to avoid cracking basement walls.

Flooded Basement Restoration in New York

Basement Flood Clean up

To avoid health risks for our clients, we clean up and sanitize the basement. The cleaning prevents the growth of mildew and mold. We perform sanitization especially when the cause of flooding is sewage because we cannot recoup contents of raw sewage. We sanitize the entire basement and all items that we will salvage. Our experienced staff uses reliable cleaning agents to ensure thorough cleaning of the basement and objects. We provide our team with precautionary clothes during the cleaning process such as rubber boots, gloves, and overalls to ensure safety.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement provides a solution to basement leakage issues especially to the exterior walls. Our services also include applying three coats of waterproof paint one foot from the basement wall. We advise our clients on whether to waterproof the outer wall or interior wall according to the cause of flooding. We also encourage waterproofing of the basement before the onset of floods to prevent any harm that may be caused by a flooded basement restoration. Moreover, we offer our services at a fair price for our quality services, and all homeowners can afford them.

Effects of a Flooded Basement

Flooded water can cause both long-term and short-term effects. Mold growth due to flooding results to health effects such as allergic reactions, infections, and respiratory problems. It also leads to financial losses because of ruining your walls, furniture, carpet, insulation, and loss of other personal property. Foundation deterioration is the riskiest result of basement flooding because it endangers the lives of people living in the building. We can prevent all these from happening to you by repairing your basement and basement walls, especially during rainy seasons. Furthermore, we use our trusted methods to give water a new path away from your basement. Our experienced staff works efficiently to ensure they restore your comfort.

Basement maintenance

At SOS Restoration NY, we have gained experience over the years in dealing with basement maintenance and repairs. We aim our services at preventing future reoccurrence of flooding in the basement. We also effectively prevent the occurrence of floods to homes, apartments, commercial areas and overall flood damage restoration. Some of the services that we provide for basement maintenance include; installing a window well covers inspect sewers and clean septic systems. Our trained water damage specialists examine, and repair foundation cracks appropriately. Additionally, we landscape your yard and redirect water away from your home.

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