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Mold Experts NYC
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Professional Mold remediation NYC

Mold spores are tiny and light particles that can easily travel through the air. If not well contained, they can be disastrous to both property and human health. Mold thrives in the places you get clean.

Think of the bathroom, under the cabinets or under the bathtub. In the kitchen, around the sink rim, you are likely to find mold. Even worse is their ability to grow unnoticed. They are only visible to the eye when the damage is halfway or already done.

If you care for the health and integrity of your structures, you might want mold experts NYC to look at your house and clear it of mold attack.

The Best Mold Experts NYC.

SOS Restoration NY is the best mold experts NYC firm that has comprehensive knowledge about mold. We are diligent in mold remediation and mold removal.

We are adorned with a team of specialists who are ready and willing to deliver high quality services in mold remediation at fair rates. Even more, we care and can be your trustworthy partners when you are fighting the mold.

Before diving into the arena of mold growth control, you need to consult mold experts NYC. This will enable you to come up with the most effective plan to deal with the mold depending on the extent of growth.

Once the problem is confirmed, then you have the details you need to pick the right solution.

Mold Experts NYC
Dirty and grungy interior room need improvement

Why Consider Mold Removal or Mold Remediation in NYC

After dealing with the mold, the value of your property increases. Treating it so that it can no longer be attacked by mold again is an even greater value addition.

Your family is now safe. Dealing with the mold is a means to protect them.

Having known about the growth of mold in your home is one thing. Having your family contract mold related infections is another thing.

You can’t risk having your family exposed. With the help of a reliable company like SOS Restoration NY, who have the best mold experts NYC, you can now take care of them.

In order to effectively test for the presence of mold and curb its spread, mold experts NYC, from SOS Restoration NY joined brains and came up with an effective plan. Based on the EPA and PMII regulations, the following is our working plan:

Control the dampness

Mold does well in damp places. The water accumulation must be due to some leakage. With experienced experts, you can conduct inspection all around your house to determine the source.

With our state of the art thermal imaging equipment, finding a temperature difference has never been simpler. Once found, the wet parts are dried up and the leaking part patched up.

Remove any material from the affected part

Prior to the containment process, any furniture and wet carpets should be removed. They should also be cleaned before they are put somewhere else. You can never be too safe when dealing with mold.

Seal off the containment region

In order to protect the rest of your space from the mold, you need to use polyethylene to seal off the affected areas. If the extent of the mold growth is more than just sealing it off, you can opt for the removal of the whole part and have it replaced with a new one.

Dry, filter, and fumigated

At SOS Restoration NY, the mold experts NYC use the best equipment in the market to make sure we don’t leave behind any pore of mold. To do so, we use vacuums for filtering. We also put to use air scrubbers for water damage clean up the mold spores. The dehumidifiers then dry the moisture around the house. Finally, the entire house is deodorized and fumigated.

We understand the delicate nature of this the beginning of the mold remediation process, the residents are asked to evacuate the premises to prevent infections or allergies. That is why we use all resources to ensure that we complete it as soon as possible.

SOS Restoration NY is not only the best in the market but also has the best insurance policy. With it, we are able to work in depth and assure our clients that we got them. We also have very attractive payment rates. This is to make sure you don’t suffer due to mold because you can’t afford to pay for fumigation. We care and we believe we are the best partners for the job.

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