Water Damage Restoration in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Water Damage Restoration in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

in NYC

Our property is always at risk of damage whenever there occur floods, storms or bursting pipes. It could be millions worth of investments to the valuable items of great sentimental value to us. It could be an entire floor processing plant or a letter from a dying friend.  You can save some, and those that are at risk of immediate damage upon contact with water should be kept in safes and high places. At SOS Restoration, NY we are always ready to take care of your restoration process should such an eventuality occur you. We pride ourselves in the following services in water damage restoration in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn:

Water damage restoration services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Your insurer will need to get a quantitative value of the property damaged after a flood to process the reimbursement. The evaluation requires you first to have your premises cleaned up. Then, you have to remove the water for anything constructive to go on. SOS Restoration, NY employs high quality machinery and equipment like dehumidifiers, air blowers, hygrometers, among others in the cleanup exercise. Call us, and we will take care of you.

Mold remediation services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

A building that has been affected by floods is always prone to have molds. Dump carpets, walls, closets, and clothing are the right breeding places. Call SOS Restoration, NY today should you notice any mold in your home, office or whatever premises you have. We professionally clean up the mess using processes and products that have been proved to be human and environmentally friendly. We also clean up any affected items and give them their original feel and look.

Water Damage Restoration in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Water removal services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

In the event of massive floods or a huge pipe bursting the amount of water that gets inside your premises is often high. The water may be difficult to drain in a brief period. SOS Restoration, NY uses its powerful truck mounted pipes to remove the water off the premises. The tubes are also affixed with infrared cameras to monitor progress and any submerged items.  To ensure that the drying process is fast, we use vacuum cleaners to minimize moisture. We also move you if need be to provide an extensive restoration process if the extent of damage is significant.

Flood restoration services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

At SOS Restoration, NY we, keep ourselves updated on the weather predictions and take note of possible floods and note areas that may be affected. Our national teams are always ready to handle any flood emergencies. Our people train in disaster management, and therefore you can trust us to take care of you professionally and efficiently during such distressing moments. Customer satisfaction is always our priority.

Storm restoration services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Storms bring with them a lot of distress and frustration in the restoration process. The kind of equipment needed during such an exercise is dense and very involved in handling. It also requires a lot of expertise and precision to achieve good results. SOS Restoration, NY provides affordable storm restoration services. Our teams are swift and efficient therefore you can trust us to give you the best services.

Water damage cleanup in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

When there are heavy floods or a huge pipe bursts, the water carries any objects in its way and dumps them at a single point. Mud and silt deposits are also common when there is such a calamity, and often objects are buried beneath them. SOS Restoration, NY provides you with clean up services so that you do not risk getting injured by these items or even contracting waterborne diseases. We let you rest while we take care of you. We are just a call away.

Black mold remediation in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Black molds are a health risk to the occupants of any premises. When they germinate, they release spores that contaminate the air. Chronic sneezing, irritation of mucosal membranes and difficulty in breathing is likely to be observed in the occupants of such premises. Premises affected by floods or have had water pipes bursts are likely to have black molds growing. Great care should be taken to eliminate the mold before it is late. At SOS Restoration, NY we remove black mold and clean your premises to avert any further chances of black mold growth. We also take care of the resulting bad odors using deodorants. We are undoubtedly the services provider you can trust.

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