Water Damage Restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

in NYC

Water damage occurs when property losses occur undoubtedly to the entry of water. The type of injuries includes mold growth, rust, rotting of wood and electric shocks. It is not only a result of heavy rains but also sewage breakups, bath and toilet overflow, and plumbing leakages. This can lead to flooding of basements, destruction of homes and businesses. Water damage also increases the risk of mold growth, which is a costly problem to remediate. Preventing water damage is easier than you may think and is necessary. This is because its consequences are expensive. Poor drainage can cause significant foundation problems for your home. Therefore it is essential to minimize the amount of water that comes in contact with your foundation. SOS Restoration NY is here with all water damage solutions. For water damage restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, we are the people to contact.

Water damage restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

At SOS Restoration, NY, we clean up, protect and prevent your residence from further damage. This requires you to use the right procedures and materials to avoid future losses. At SOS Restoration, NY, our experts use their skills to analyze the property and come up with a restoration plan. We closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is dry properly. When you have to deal with flooding that you are not expecting in your property, get in touch with us. As a proficient restoration Company, we will provide a complete evaluation of the damage including a monetary estimate you require. We also pride ourselves in being available to our clients any time they need us. Not only are we fast and efficient, but also we offer our clients the best value for money.

Water damage clean up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Once a building sustains water damage, it is essential to start the water damage clean-up immediately. Cleaning up will help mitigate the health effects of water damage on the people around the property. SOS Restoration, NY will provide you with a unique experience in water damage restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn that no other water cleaning company can. Our clients will treat you well and ensure customer satisfaction. SOS Restoration, NY clean-up prices have room for negotiation to create a good relationship with our clients. Will quick water cleanup not only reduce the severity of the water damage, but also reduce the chances of mold.

Water Damage Restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Water removal in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

This is the act of removing water from the water damaged areas. Our staff use truck mounts to transfer large amounts of water, commercial grade dehumidifiers, and high-velocity air movers. SOS Restoration, NY specializes in some different types of water removal services to bring back your property. We reinstate your wet carpet, professionally clean your carpet and provide you affordable water damage restoration services in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Regardless of what you want, our company will give it to you with no compromise. Our water removal services run the whole spectrum, so you do not have to make calls with other water removal businesses. Furthermore, we provide free estimates for our clients to understand the seriousness of the matter.

Flooded basement restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Water damage restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is particularly important if the finishing of your basement suffers carpet or insulation damage. Additionally, burst or leaking pipes are common causes for basement flooding. Water in basement areas requires a short clean-up process. During floods, basements often sustain the worst damage. We provide quick response and use professionals for all our services. We use high inspection and extraction equipment to find the water and remove it as quickly as possible. No matter the extent of the damage, SOS Restoration, NY experts will respond to any disaster. We are a licensed and certified full-service water damage, mold removal, and emergency flood response Company.


Mold remediation in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

We understand the urgency of your situation when it comes to damages like flooding and mold. Moisture promotes the growth of mold and other organisms. It not only harms your home’s structural integrity but also harms you and your family’s health.  It is imperative to avoid delays, as moisture creates a perfect breeding place for mold. At SOS Restoration, NY, we offer water damage restoration in Fort Greene, Brooklyn services at pocket-friendly prices to our clients. Our team of experts works with you in every step of the way from the start to the end. We design our services to work seamlessly with insurance claims. Steps in mold remediation are inspection, containment, and air filtration, removal, cleaning and restoring any necessary items we remove. It takes the skill and knowledge of an expert in mold remediation and requires proper equipment to contain the infestation.

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