Water Damage Restoration in Harlem

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Global warming around the world is causing drastic changes in the climate. Nowadays, the snow is more and melts faster. Also, the rains are almost double in occurrence and volume. In addition, the sea and ocean levels are rising. All these factors are contributing to the recurrent floods in most countries. As an imminent threat, it is important to have an emergency team that you can rely on. One of the members of the team needs to be a water damage restorer. With over 20 years of experience, no one is better suited for the job than the experts from SOS Restoration NY for Water Damage Restoration in Harlem, Manhattan. We offer water damage cleanup and restoration services that include:

Water damage restoration in Harlem, Manhattan

After flooding and water damage on your property, there is the urge to restore the waterlogged house to its original state. With our water damage restoration services, we ensure that repairs are done in the most professional way. Mold removal services are inclusive in restoration as well as repairs to leaking pipes and ceilings. Damaged carpets, floors, paint, as well as wall reconstruction,  is done by our team of highly skilled professionals at a cost friendly price. With SOS Restoration NY, you need to worry not- we got you covered.

Water Removal Services Harlem, Manhattan

One of the most important steps at the beginning of any water damage restoration process is water extraction. With the flooded water gone, the affected areas may appear to be dry but in real sense, the walls and floors are very rich in moisture and humid. This moisture poses a great threat to both humans and property. Wooden surfaces are at a threat of mold infestation as well as rotting due water lodged in the wood. With SOS Water Damage Restoration in Harlem, Manhattan, we ensure that your walls and floors are rendered moisture free by dehumidifying the surfaces using air movers and relatively high temperatures in the areas that leave porous walls and wood free of moisture.

Mold remediation in Harlem, Manhattan

Mold grows in moist and dark places. Its pores are tiny and light, meaning that they can easily move via air. When the mold spreads throughout your home, you start to experience severe wheezing when you breathe. Also, your clothes and walls discolor. Mold also has damaging effects on furniture and other structures in your home.

Mold grows in the least expected areas. On the kitchen sink rims, under the bathtub and bathroom doors, behind the washing machine and dishwashers, and so many inconspicuous spaces. Therefore, it is hard to notice the mold. For mold remediation in Harlem, Manhattan, we have tools and equipment that allow us to test and locate the mold locations with ease. When located, we use our environmentally friendly cleaning and deodorizing agents to leave your home clean and free from mold.

Water Damage Cleanup in Harlem, Manhattan

After a flood, comes the clean-up process. This part is dreaded by many homeowners as it is tiring, expensive and requires the use of special equipment to ensure that all the damages are well handled. Without proper water damage cleanup, your home may not be safe to stay in. by hiring a professional, you make a wise investment. The professionals know what to do in order to safely and quickly restore your home. At SOS Water Damage Restoration in Harlem, Manhattan, you do not have to worry about incurring extra cost to hire the equipment. we deliver only the best for you and your property.

Storm Damage Restoration in Harlem, Manhattan

Water, being the most important aspect of human, animal and plant life has severe effects when in uncontrolled and contained amounts. Storms wash away structures in your home, and sometimes, even carry the roof to your home. When the storm is too hard, then the effects are at their worst. When this happens, it is highly advised against handling the flood restoration process by yourself. With a specialist helping out, you eliminate the need to hire equipment, and extra labor. At SOS Water Damage Restoration in Harlem, Manhattan, we have top-grade water removal equipment, dehumidifiers, air movers, vacuums and blowers to cater for water removal. Also, we have the best construction experts that will repair any damaged structures, without undermining the integrity of your home.

When faced with the calamity of water damage, do not wait for long before contacting your water damage restoration service provider. This could cause extensive damages to your property. Call us today and have the peace of mind that your home is safe.

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