Water Damage Restoration in Little Italy

in NYC

The job of cleaning up after a flood is more complicated than most people would like to admit. They can only be sufficiently addressed by a professional who is extensively trained to handle them. At SOS Restoration NY, we have specially trained staff, which has cleaned up and restored many homes and offices for the decade we have been in the industry. Their training and experience place them at the top of the best t water damage restoration service providers. Also, they know how to operate the machines used in the process, making their work simpler and faster. At SOS Restoration NY, we offer water damage restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan services that include:

Water damage restoration in Little Italy

With time being a primary factor towards choosing of an appropriate water damage restoration company, it is very significant that you consider hiring a nearby water damage restoration company. Our company has multiple branches with equipped personnel and modern machinery that respond immediately to your calls. Water damage restoration isn’t just a simple step. It requires several phases to completely remove and restore the site back to its initial state. Therefore, at SOS Restoration NY, we dispose to you a wide range of services that cover every step required. With the required equipment, personnel and resources, you can trust us to handle any water damage restoration on your property.

Water Damage Restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan

Water removal in Little Italy, Manhattan.

Water removal services come second after assessing the extent of damages. At our company, we offer move-out services for homes and commercial premises where damages are extensive and require special services. This ensures that we do not cause further damage to your property during the process of water extraction. We have modern machines that suck up the water leaving the room free of water. Besides water extraction, we offer education to clients of steps and cautions to take before calling for water extraction services. With the knowledge to handle simple water damage restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan, you can save your home from extensive damages. However, if the water levels are too high, or the water is contaminated, either grey or black water, do not attempt to handle it.

Mold remediation in Little Italy, Manhattan.

Mold is known for its dangerous effects on human health. Trigger for asthmatic attacks, problems in breathing, chronic coughing and sneezing, and skin rashes are some. If ingested, the mold causes severe food poisoning. With all these harmful effects, it is important to clean out any mold in your home a soon as you notice it. However, mold grows slowly and in dark places, hence it is hard to notice. Also, it is only noticeable when it spreads over large areas.

Do not risk noticing the mold and call for a mold expert for a thorough inspection session. At SOS Restoration NY, we have the right tools to test for mold. Since mold thrives in moist places, we go ahead to dry your home for you to avoid a recursion of mold growth in your home with overall water damage restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan.

Storm damage restoration

Storm damage causes a plethora of side effects to both our homes and our health.  Moreover, you never know when this disaster hits your home, thus initiating the urge to be always prepared to face storm damages. When the disaster strikes, you require a company that is fast, effective, reliable and one that offers very affordable rates. Consequently, you need a company that has handled similar cases in the past to ensure that experience and skills are paramount as they deliver services to you. With SOS Restoration NY, quality, affordability, and prompt action is key to our customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can rely on us to deliver only the best water damage restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan.

Flood restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan.

At SOS Restoration NY, we invest largely in our customers’ satisfaction through the flood restoration services available at our company. We repair broken pipes, leaking ceiling and sinks, painting, carpet repair, reconstruction of damaged floors and furniture among others. After repairs, we ensure that the house is free of odors through our well-selected air conditioners that provide a lovely scent in the house. With our services, you will hardly notice the difference between before and after the floods.

At our company, we assess the extent of damages after the incident to provide evidence to insurance companies. We ensure that the compensation plan is processed quickly so you don’t have to worry about the payment method. We believe in customer satisfaction that allows you to file any complain since you are the one hiring us. You can never go wrong with hiring us for water damage restoration in Little Italy, Manhattan.

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