Water Damage Restoration Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Water Damage Restoration Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

in NYC

Anyone who owns property faces a risk that water and related calamities may damage their property. Be it your home, your office, a warehouse or factory; the possible damage from floods, storms or burst pipes could be devastating. However low the chances may be, when such an eventuality occurs it leaves one at a significant loss. No one wants to find themselves in such a situation. A quick response in such an event could save you a high number of your assets if not all. At SOS Restoration, NY we provide a range of water restoration services in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx, such as:

Water damage restoration services in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

The first action a premise owner would take after a flood, burst pipe or storm would be to quantify the amount of loss incurred for insurance claims processing. However, you cannot do this if your premises are still in the messed up condition.  in Kingsbridge Heights provides you with a fast cleanup using state of the art machinery. We employ dehumidifiers, air blowers, hygrometers to mention but a few in our restoration process.

Mold remediation services

The first thing likely to occur after our premises have been affected by floods or any water-related calamities is the growth of molds. As we all know moisture gives a perfect environment for mold to grow. You, therefore, should call experts in mold handling should you notice any signs of it.  SOS Restoration, NY handles the mold and puts up measures to keep your premises safe from molds in the future.  The process and the products used are both human and environmentally friendly, therefore no fear of side effects. Your carpets, clothing or walls that may have been affected are also cleaned to a fresh feel again

Water Damage Restoration Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Water removal services in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Following any water calamity, as the premise owner, you would want to have the water drawn out in the shortest time possible. This process requires speed and efficiency to salvage any property. SOS Restoration, NY uses powerful truck mounted pipes that are fixed with infrared cameras to track the process and note any submerged property. Vacuum cleaners are used for fast drying and eliminate any chance of molds. We also offer moving services for hugely affected premises to allow a more extensive restoration process.

Flood restoration services in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Our quick response during times of floods has made us the preferred choice in times of such calamities. As SOS Restoration, NY, we have branches countrywide with a high focus on flood-prone areas. We understand your woes at such a time, and therefore we are committed to providing you efficient services at such a desperate moment. Our offices are open any time of the day all year round.

Storm restoration services in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Storm restoration is often a demanding and complex process that needs a lot of resilience and ability to work under pressure. The machinery involved is also expensive and requires a lot of expertise. Choosing to do the restoration yourself puts you or your people at risk and often it is very slow. It is for this reason that SOS Restoration NY provides storm restoration services at a low cost. We come with our machinery and let you take a breath as our team takes care of you.

Water damage clean up in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

When a flood occurs or there is a pipe burst objects tend to be covered in mud and silt. One could, therefore, get injured by such objects while trying to sort the mess. Stagnant water and resultant molds are also a risk to one’s health. Call SOS Restoration, NY to clean up your premises after a flood. We provide a fast cleanup process. Our regional teams are always alert should you need our services.

Black mold remediation in Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx

Molds are likely to grow if your premises are a dump or poorly it. It is therefore common to see mold after a flood or burst pipes. Black mold produces spores into the air, thus putting the occupants at risk.  They bring chronic sneezing, irritate the mucosal membrane and short breath for asthmatic people. SOS Restoration NY provides mold clean up services in Kingsbridge Heights and deodorizes your premises to counter bad smells caused by the black molds.

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