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Why Cleaning and in NYC Restoration Need To Be Done By A Professional

Damage to property by fires, floods, storms, mold or accidents need thorough clean up as soon as possible. What’s more, property damage needs immediate restoration to its former self or to something better. At SOS Restoration NY, we are experts when it comes to Cleaning and Restoration in NYC as a result of fires or water, mold remediation, wood, furniture restoration and other restoration works. Most noteworthy, we can clean and dry out tiles, decks, carpets, stop odors as a result of flooding, leaky roofs and even stop mold right on its tacks. Certainly, being a local licensed company in NYC we take care of rebuilding walls, floors, furniture, ceilings and other sections damaged by fire and water.

Cleaning & Restoration Company in NYC

If you are in need of a cleaning and restoration in NYC, then look no further than SOS Restoration NY. We have a vast base of knowledge, Elite technical team and available for round-the-clock cleaning and restoration in NYC. The materials we use to work are of superior quality and technologically up to date, we offer the best service in the region. Our staff are courteous in personal relations so you can be sure they are respectful and offer 100% customer satisfaction.

cleaning & restoration company in nyc

At SOS Restoration, we do not take chances in restoring your property to its original state before the damage. We offer expert water damage repair, mold remediation, and other services along this line. Even more, we work tirelessly to scrub off dirt and furnish your wooden asset to restore their pristine condition.

We do not forget the primary beauty of your home from clean floors, walls and countertops. Leave the job to the experts for hassle-free cleaning and restoration in NYC.

Water Damage Restoration in Carnegie Hill, Manhattan

Cleaning and Restoration in NYC

Is your property under flooding, storm damage? Probably, you simply need a reliable water damage restoration company in NYC. We are the perfect fit for all your restoration needs. We make sure our clients get pristine restorations using the best materials available. However, you might want to perform the restorations yourself as DIY projects. However, the truth is simply that using professionals has its advantages. Thus, you will save time because professionals have access to the manpower, skilled labor and technology to make the process run smoother while providing to notch work.   

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Fire Damage Restoration

When fire consumes property, it can be very unforgiving. To that end, you need to have a fire damage restoration company on call to aid not only with the cleanup, but also most importantly the restoration. Therefore, having professionals working for you will mean that water used to fight the fire will be pumped out quickly, any dangerous and hazardous materials can be properly handled. At SOS Restoration NY we use professional cleaning equipment to dry out the walls, ceilings and floor and finally rebuild property structures.

Fire Damage Restoration in NYC
Fire Damage Restoration in NYC

24/7 Emergency Restoration

Save your valuable assets with immediate cleaning and restoration from a reputable and professional service. At SOS Restoration, we pride ourselves for prompt address in emergency situations. Call us today, we will be at your doorstep in no-time.

Floor & Walls Restoration in NYC

In some situations, floors and walls get hit very hard. They therefore need effective restoration to their former glory with skill and utmost haste. As a result, water damage on floors are prone to structural damage. A professional needs to come in to assess the situation and carry out a proper restoration. SOS Restoration NY we use structural drying materials to make sure that Areas hit by the water are completely dry to avoid odors and mold. Even more, providing the best cleaning and restoration in NYC.

Furniture Restoration in NYC

In case of water damage or storms, furniture also wear the tear like other parts of the property. When it floods indoors, furniture tends to start rotting and becoming a home for fungi and mold. Consequently, if the furniture isn’t dry and clean, it can be a health hazard in enough time. For the job to be done perfectly, we are the perfect people to take care of your furniture restoration in NYC needs.  

Deck Restoration NYC
Deck Restoration in NYC

Deck Restoration in NYC

The deck is a place where people have many memories. As such, damages from accidents or disasters should be taken off accordingly by professionals so that the damage is least noticeable. Call us today for the best Deck restoration in NYC, prompt and immediate response.

wood restoration nyc
Wood Restoration in NYC

Wood Restoration

A lot of structures are made of wood in the house. Therefore, damage to them will need an expert at wood restoration which is what we are. At SOS Restoration NY, we have in-depth knowledge and experience to perform the finest wood restoration out there today. Save your wooden structures from mold and decay with our professional cleaning and restoration in NYC

Water Damage Restoration Service

Water damage can be devastating for a property. Damage can range from structural to electrical. Engaging a water damage restoration service will ensure that all the areas prone to damage are clean and dry. At SOS Restoration NY, we ensure that structural damages are rebuilt,  we will pump out any remaining water and that odors and mold are kept at bay. In case you experience water damage, call us immediately for the best cleaning and restoration in NYC. In fact, we are industry experts for water damage restoration in NYC. .

Air Duct Cleaning service in NYC

Our team of experts in air duct cleaning will arrive a.s.a.p. to everywhere in NYC. If your dry vent is full of dryer lint, after our dry vent cleaning service, your vent will blow like a new one. You want to choose only a decent air duct cleaning company in NYC. The average cost of an air duct cleaning service goes around $250-$550, depend on the size and the number of ducts you have. Clear the path for the technician, and be ready to get the best air duct cleaning show in NY. It takes about an hour to four hours to clean the system, depends on the ducts condition and if it is full with thick pet hair. A reliable air duct cleaning service will make sure all the dirt and mold, debris and biological contaminants has been removed from your air ducts and vents. Mold, bacteria and dust populating our ducts can cause a severe coughing & sneezing. Yep. People can feel sick from breathing an air full of germs; this is why we use long term disinfectants to prevent mold and bacteria to develop again for at least 1 year. A lifespan of a ductwork is around 20 years. So if your ductwork age is coming to 20, you definitely need to consider to replace your old ductwork with a brand new one. So if your house is dusty and the air is not fresh, all you need to do is to call us and we will make sure all of your air ducts are clean and shine as new.

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