Fire damage restoration NYC

Fire damage restoration NYC
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We had a dreading fire experience at home two months ago. The situation was critical, and we could not handle it by ourselves. We called the firefighters who came to our aid. It was the nearest company with this service in our area. These professionals arrived in good time and worked their sweats off to try and rescue our property. Though much of our things burned down, I appreciate the efforts of these professionals. They coordinated everything perfectly and quickly. If you happen to get yourself in this unfortunate situation, SOS Restoration NY should be your first call.

Steps to follow to restore your property during a fire incidence

Trying to remediate your property during a fire is not advisable. You put yourself at risk. Instead, calling a professional is more prudent. They have the skills and experience to handle the situation carefully. With a fire restoration process they use, they can rescue as many items as possible. Here is the fire restoration process;

Confirm that the property is stable and is safe to enter

This is always the first thing to do before taking any other measures. Confirming that the building is secure to enter. The professional can assess form outside before opening the door. They check for any signs of damage that might compromise their safety, and if the house is stable, it is then that they can get in.

Minimize the damage

mold remediation in nyc
Mold grown after a home is flooded with water. Moisture breeds mold

Even after the fire is put out, smoke and soot can cause severe injuries to the property. Soot sticks on the surface of the property and causes discoloration. You should try and stain the soot, get out the mold, rust or corrosion. Soot staining should be done early enough when it is still removable. However, if a lot of time elapses before this is done, the property is permanently discolored. More importantly, try and make the air around the home as clean as possible.

Checkout for mold growth

When putting out the fire, a lot of water is used. This makes the place an ideal habitat for mold and mildew to form. Hence, you should look for any signs of mold damage on the property and clean it to minimize any further damage. Sometimes mold takes time to form and will eventually do. Even if it is not visible, take the necessary precautions to prevent it from thriving.

Also, corrosion is another damage likely to occur mainly on metal items due to the oxidation process. This is even more severe on electronic. When these electronics corrode, it becomes hard to repair them. Therefore, clean and dry these items as soon as possible.

The most significant concern after a fire is air quality. Due to smoke from the different burned up things, smoke can contain a bad odor. To clean up the smoke, you can use an air scrubber and air mover. For items that have absorbed the smoke, use smoke damage cleaning products on those surfaces.

Remove all damaged property that cannot be restored

The property that is damaged beyond repair or restoration should be removed too. When doing this, be careful not to get yourself hurt by hot items or by electronics. Also, remove any item that has not been damaged. The professionals should clean the reparable property so that they are used again.

Fire damage restoration NYC
House roof on fire

Eliminate excess water and dry wet surfaces

Dry the entire place up and pay close attention to the walls and flooring. Air movers and dehumidifiers can be used to ensure that all the moisture is removed and the place is completely dry.

Deodorize, deep clean and remove stains from surfaces

The restored items should then be cleaned and make them ready for reuse. Deep cleaning is essential to remove any absorbed dirt, soot, or smoke. Different cleaning products can be used, depending on how much dirt the item has absorbed. The professionals can enquire from the owner what items need the priority. You should be able to tell the salvageable items and those that have too much damaged. Get rid of the destroyed items and clean the rest of the property.

It is always prudent to take precautions to make you ready for unexpected fire incidences. Having a fire extinguisher in your place is very advisable. Also, keeping flammable things way from fire and away from children is another way of preventing fire incidences from occurring. Install a fire protection system on your premises. These systems automatically operate in case of a fire. Some systems like these are the smoke detectors. They go off when they sense too much smoke in your property.

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