Water Damage Restoration Bronx County

in NYC

For over 20 years in the water restoration industry, we have taken over the market with professional and expert services. With a 100% guarantee customer services, you can rest assured that we will deliver what you need us to. Equipped with state of the art tools and equipment, we get the job done in just a few hours. Our services are fast response services help you mitigate the extent of damage caused by the floods. Our experienced experts handle all types of water damage consequences. We offer the best Water Damage Restoration Bronx County, guaranteeing quality services.

Water Damage Restoration Bronx County

The process of water damage restoration involves a series of steps. These steps see to it that the process is successful and the risk of premature damage is eliminated. These processes include:

Water extraction from the site. All visible water is cleared from the property.

Water Damage Repair

Sections of walls and floors that are stained by the water are cleaned.

Water Damage Inspection

The property is then inspected of mold and mildew. The electrical systems are also inspected.

Water Damage Drying

The final process is to dry any water using large fans to circulate water and dehumidifiers.

Using professionals for Water Damage Restoration Bronx County has its perks. The use of professional equipment makes the work easier. With the time taken to remove all the water, the extent of damage is substantially reduced. With quality training and experience, professionals have knowledge to handle the different water damage situations. The experience improves the quality of services we offer.

Water removal in Bronx County

The process of water removal requires the use of special equipment. Some of these tools include:

Moisture detectors, meters and hygrometers used to test the humidity levels in a home.

Infrared cameras that find hidden water in the walls and carpets.

Submersible and gas-powered pumps used to remove the water from the rooms.

Truck mounted water extraction equipment. These are fitted on trucks, making them easy to transport.

This equipment is highly effective when dealing with a water removal situation. Hiring them can be expensive. That is why SOS Restoration NY offers them as accessories when selected for the job. Instead pf the hefty amount you would have paid, SOS Restoration NY provides the equipment at relatively lower prices. In addition, the machines come with the machine operators. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about additional costs with us. At SOS Restoration NY, we work for you.

Water Damage Restoration in Bedford Park, Bronx County

Mold remediation in Bronx County

When it comes to mold, the key is to cut off the source of moisture. With a comprehensive moisture management strategy, you can be sure that the mold will die. Health issues that arise from the exposure to mold are dramatic. Therefore, the cleaning must be intense and immediate.

Experts have protective clothing that protects them from mold exposure. Therefore, they can be close to the mold-affected areas to conduct the full-blown cleanup service. These health risks that any homeowner is exposed to eventually decrease when the mold is cleaned.

When you hire a mold expert, check their track record. Ensure that the previous projects they have worked in were successful. Then, and only then can you hire them to remove the mold from your property. At SOS Restoration NY, we have a reputation that precedes the name for professional Water damage Restoration in Bronx County.

Water damage cleanup in Bronx County

SOS Restoration NY has established a reputation in the industry as the best water damage cleanup in Bronx County. We arrive on site fast, mitigate the damage, clean up the mess, and begin Water Damage Restoration Bronx County process. After a flood, there are some measures you can take to help deal with the problem before professional help arrives.

Tips on water damage cleanup in Bronx County.

Wipe the furniture to remove excess water

Prop wet furniture cushions to dry.

Hang the carpet on drapes or hangers

Remove the wet materials and rags from the house to dry.

Turn on air conditioning and open the closed doors to aid in faster drying.

On the other hand, do not be tempted to use the household vacuum cleaner to remove the excess water. Also, do not use electrical appliances when standing on wet floors. Lastly, do not lift a tacked down carpet as this will lead to shrinkage.

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