Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park

in NYC

Any water damage in the house or office is undesirable. It poses threats to a family or occupants of the premises. The risk of falling, contracting illnesses or further destruction of the property. When faced with a water damage situation, you can contact SOS Restoration NY for help with Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan. Most noteworthy, we are an affordable, reliable, efficient and top quality restoration service provider, that will help you get back on your feet after any water damage incident.

Flood damage restoration

Accidents are inevitable. Calamities occur. During these trying time, you might find yourself at great losses. In case flooding occurs at your home, business or even institutions, you need restoration. Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan is only effective if you get back to where you were prior to the flooding incident. In order for this to happen, you will require a professional partner. That is what we at SOS Restoration NY are set on being. We specialize in:

Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan

In case of a flood, your house or premises face numerous risks. In some cases, you might experience water leakage. This may be due to the destruction of the water piping systems by the floods. In other cases, stagnant water. In addition, black water poses the risk of disease attacks in your home. Moreover, all these conditions are unfavorable. At Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan, we have hands-on experience in the resolution of these problems. We have state of the art water suction equipment and driers. With a team of qualified operators, you can rest assured that we will leave your home the way it was before the floods.

Water damage Removal Services

Leakages, stagnant water or running water in the house is undesirable. It poses a great threat to structures and also humans. Some cases occur such that the amount of water that is on the premises floor is too much to be handled with no equipment. In these cases, we offer the perfect solution for Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan. We invest in the acquisition of high-class equipment. The equipment delivers high results when dealing with water suctions and drying if wet surfaces. Additionally, with our water removal services, the stress of dealing with flood situations in the house is greatly reduced. We have experts trained to run the equipment safely. This is an assurance to the clients that our services are top grade and safe.

Storm damage restoration

Both homeowners and business owners are faced with the risk of storm damage. Storm damage ranges from waterlogging in your premises to the destruction of property. Water from storms poses the threat of exposing your house to mold attacks. More so, there lies the possibility of structural failure as water is not friendly to constructions. With Water Damage Restoration in Battery Park, Manhattan, we undertake all forms of storm damage resolutions. From flood damages to structural drying.

Upon arriving at the storm-damaged venue, we survey the extent of the damage. This is a move to save the home or business owner the extra cost of property that could be salvaged. We have a team of highly experienced professionals. Most noteworthy, we take caution in resolving your damages, but also use the high tech equipment to ensure that all water, humidity and wet property are left dry.

Mold remediation in Alphabet City, Manhattan

At no point is mold desirable. It compromises structures, leaving them in bad shape. Mold develops at a slow rate that is hardly noticeable. They are found in damp places, like the kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and lavatories. Since the places are hardly paid any attention, the extent of destruction can be huge. In order to avoid cases of complete structural failure to notice a mold infestation, regular checks by qualified personnel should are done for mold remediation. The checks keep the owner updated on the state of their structures. It also helps them to plan the course of action in case there is mold.at SOS Restoration NY, we have a technical team that has specialized in the eradication of mold. Using the safest and most effective means, we test, scrape off and clean the mold infested areas leaving them safe.

Water damage clean up

Water under pressure in large volumes is destructive. In case of floods, structures are bound to be weak and some cave in. for those that are left standing, they are cleaned up for use. At SOS Restoration NY, we have water damage cleaning and restoration program that has seen many clients happy with the end results. Our professionals take to great length the importance of safe well-reconstructed structures.

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