Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY

Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island
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Ultimate Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY

SOS Restoration NY is unbeatable when it comes to offering quality, reliable, and affordable services to people in need. We cover fire, flood, storms, and mold remediation processes. We always use the best tool rental store in Brooklyn. For more than three decades now, SOS Restoration NY has been at the forefront of delivering these emergency services to people at their time of need. With professionalism and integrity, we offer our clients the best water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY. Regardless of your location, we will arrive armed with the necessary tools and equipment. With us, we leave no drop of water or spore of the mold when we finish with your home, business, or property.

Causes of water damage.

Water damage could result from some reasons. Some are within the household, while others are natural causes. The ones in the house could be due to a leaking washing machine, dishwasher, or sinks. Also, you may have a clogged toilet or bathtub. During the winter, pipes may freeze and break. Consequently, you will experience flooding in your home due to broken plumbing works.

In case of a damaged roof, water from the rains may cause flooding as it leaks through the gaps. On the other hand, the natural causes of the flood may be due to storms, heavy rains, heavy and quick-melting snow, and increased sea level. In other cases, there may be high tides or tsunamis that cause floods.

Expert Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY.

SOS Restoration NY is an elite company providing water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY, for more than three decades. With such industrial expertise and experience, we take immense pride in our offer’s quality of services. Ranging from commercial spaces to homes, we provide professional water damage restoration and cleaning services such as:

Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY
Cleaning up dangerous fungus from a wet wall after water pipe leak at home

Water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NYC

Broadly classified water damage is an emergency service. You will require to contact professional help to restore your home or office successfully. Since the damage occurs unexpectedly, you must have a reliable service provider in your contacts. Based on their track record, you can then choose the ones with whom you are comfortable. The file is regarding prices, rated service delivery, and the scope of water damage restoration services they offer.

We group our water damage restoration services into two:

Water Damage Mitigation

Mitigation is the process of preventing further damage. Therefore, once you call us to your location, our first step is to identify the water source. Once we achieve this, we then go ahead to prevent more water from flowing. Mitigation can be done by shutting a valve or blocking the leakage. If it is an overflowing sink, you turn off the tap. Then, we dive into expert water removal.

Water Damage Restoration

Once we deal with the water source, we then proceed to remove the water and repair the damage. If a structure is missing, we have masons, carpenters, and ironmongers in our team. We make the same structure and fit it in without undermining the structural integrity of your property. Most outstanding is the care we give to the whole house. We do not leave the site until we confirm that the house is safe, dry, and free of any mold.

Water removal in Brooklyn, NY

Water removal is an essential step in mitigating water damages.  Although it may take up some time, depending on the amount of water, we will surely get your house to dry. At SOS Restoration NY, we invest in top-grade, long-lasting, and high-performance equipment. Therefore, our water removal services in Brooklyn, NY, are unbeatable by any other company in the industry.

The water removal process entails:

Draining the water

At SOS Restoration NY, we achieve this by using high-efficiency water suction equipment, usually mounted on trucks. With the high performance, it easy for us to remove the water of great volumes from your home or property in the shortest time possible. When cleaning up the water, depending on the type of water causing flooding, we dispose of it in rivers or sewers.

Testing for moisture

This process comes after the suction is complete. By using high-efficiency hygrometers, infrared, and heat detectors, we can easily tell where there is water or moisture in your home. This step is crucial as it ensures that we leave no hidden spot moist for ultimate water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY.


The process of dehumidification is the one that takes up most of the time. By using influential air movers, blowers, and dryers, we let the moist air move out of the house and allow dry air into the home. After several cycles, the moisture content is tested again until there is no evidence of water in your home. This process is vital as it ensures that your home is dry, protecting it from mold growth.

Water damage cleanup in Brooklyn.

Water damages are hard to deal with. If you lack proper gear, you stand exposed to hazardous infection-causing organisms. Therefore, before embarking on the spree to clean up the mess created by the floods, make sure you have boots, gloves, and other protective wear. If you do, then you have to deliberate on how best to tackle the situation. However, you do not have to do this on your own. SOS Restoration NY is here to help.

Water damage cleanup services entail:

Reconstruction of walls

Assuming that the floods were massive, you will find that you may have compromised the structural integrity of walls, drywall, and ceilings. It is very unsafe to stay in a house with a water-damaged wall. That is why experts from SOS Restoration NY, when called upon to perform water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY, come prepared. With tools and equipment necessary to bring down the damaged wall and put up a new one.

Cleaning debris

More often than not, when storms are the reason for the floods, they bring trash from their paths. When they settle in your home, after the waves, the home has an unsightly appearance. Therefore, as soon as you remove the water, you need to clear out the dirt, material, and waste left behind. When you settle on DIY, you have to get dirty and risk serious injuries. However, should you choose to hire a professional, SOS Restoration NY is the team to involve. With machines that make it easier to pick up even heavy objects, we will clean up the flood mess and restore your home in no time.

Mold remediation in Brooklyn, NY

Mold is a fungus that grows in damp, moist, and dark places. Therefore, it is hard to identify it on time to scrap it off yourself. More often than not, you tend to notice the presence of mold in your home at its last stages of growth. However, there are few things to consider when looking for mold.

Sign of mold on your home

Musty smell

Mold has a distinctive musty smell. Therefore, when you realize that your home is stuffy, even after opening the windows and switching the HVAC system on, you should raise some concerns.

Black visible rings

If the mold is in the ceiling or walls, you will barely notice it as it is growing. However, when you see dark circles on the roof, then that is a red flag. The mold grows and extends in the same path of moisture. Therefore, if you are inspecting your home and notice black visible rings on the ceiling and walls, then it is time you called SOS Restoration NY for mold remediation in Brooklyn, NY.

Allergic reactions

When you notice that you are coughing or sneezing even after switching the AC on to promote airflow, that is a sign of extensive mold infestation.  The extent is far gone because the mold is in the air ducts too. When you start experiencing itchy eyes and throat, chronic sneezing and coughing, watery eyes, troubles breathing, or frequent asthma attacks, then it is high time you called in an expert to clear out the mold in your home.

Black mold remediation in Brooklyn, NY

Black mold is a common underlying cause of many health issues. From skin rashes to breathing difficulties, black mold is responsible for most of the allergic attacks experienced in the household. Even though the black mold spores are microbial organisms, they are allergens that trigger asthma attacks.

Properties of black mold

Like any other mold, black mold is hazardous and destructive. However, the black mold is even more dangerous because:

It grows in very little moisture.

Unlike the typical fungus that grows in damp places, black mold grows in the presence of very little moisture. Therefore, you need to have your home completely dry to avoid any mold growth.

It grows faster

Black mold grows in almost half the time taken by any other species of fungus. Therefore, it spreads more quickly and produces microbial spores faster. Once the mold creeps into your home, you need to call for immediate water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY, as soon as possible.

The black mold spores are lighter than other spores

This property allows them to travel through the air with ease. Since the slightest drift in the air can blow them, they can reach your AC very easily. This makes it hard to have clean air when the conditioned air has mold.

Precautions we take to clean the mold.

Black mold remediation is an undesirable activity for many people. This is because it is a long and tiring process. However, at SOS Restoration NY, we dedicate our efforts to ensuring that you stand no risk of mold recursion when done with your home. For this reason, our mold experts in Brooklyn, NY, take all measures to ensure that they are closer to examine the extent of mold spread and deal with it accordingly. There are a few precautions to adhere to:

Contain the mold

Once you identify the mold, use polythene papers to quarantine the area. Seclusion prevents the mold spores from spreading all over the house. Makes sure that you seal the area, and when you go out from it, you clean yourself. However, when working with experts from SOS Restoration NY, you do not have to worry. We have a working quarantine process that guarantees 100% lockdown.

Evacuate the area

When you locate the mold, move away from it to avoid contact with skin, eyes, noses, and mouth.

Wear protective clothing

Black mold is hazardous to the human respiratory system. Therefore, before coming into contact with the mold, professionals from SOS Restoration NY dress in protective gear. These protect their skins and respiratory systems from attacks. Should you choose to deal with the mold yourself, you should also invest in high-quality protective clothes.

Use appropriate cleaning agents.

Once you identify the mold and the extent of its growth, now it is time to clear it out. To do so successfully, you need to invest in high-quality cleaning agents. They should be tough on the mold and soft to humans and the environment. You do not want to remove the mold and stay out of your home for weeks, waiting for the agents to clear.

Deodorize your home

Black mold often causes a musty smell in your house. Once you have cleared it, you must use human-friendly deodorants. Deodorizing is to avoid strong odors and more asthma attacks.

Storm damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY

When faced with a storm, it is straightforward to be stressed out. The water may be a breeding ground for infection-causing organisms. Therefore, you must take action as soon as possible. At SOS Restoration NY, we fully apprehend the critical nature of time when it comes to dealing with water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY. Fast response plays a significant role when you want to curb the spread of damage. With the proper tools, equipment, and machines, experts from SOS Restoration NY can easily save your home.

We come equipped to make sure that we get your home back to its days of glory.

Reliable water damage restoration near me

Water damages are mostly accidents and emergencies. Therefore, it is impossible to plan for the restoration process. However, with the critical situation brought about by floods, you must handle the situation as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be. Hence, the company you entrust to restore your home must be close by. By this, the time spent on moving to your location is short. Consequently, the water damage restoration process begins faster.

SOS Restoration NY, located in the heart of the business district, is accessible to all residents. Regardless of your location, our already mounted mobile units will arrive at your site and start remediation as soon as possible.

Affordable water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY

Dealing with water damage is devastating enough. Imagine dealing with a company that has no sympathy for your pockets. However, at SOS Restoration NY, we are the perfect illustration of quality coupled with affordability. Our experts have industry expertise and experience. Therefore, we know how to go about almost all water damage situations. Also, with the bonded and certified contracts we have, you can relax knowing that they do not post extra to your bill.

At SOS Restoration NY, we invest in the latest, high-quality equipment. This way, we use less fuel to operate the machines. On the other hand, machines can handle a lot more work with the same input. Therefore, we get to do more jobs with much less fuel. What is more cost-effective than that?

Why SOS Restoration NY for water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY?

Over the years, experts from SOS Restoration NY have been offering water damage mitigation and repair services. Also, we provide mold remediation services of unmatched quality. With no more risks of recursion soon, you can rely on SOS Restoration NY to handle your water damage restoration in Brooklyn, NY.

Also, we are affordable, reliable, equipped with modern equipment, and have vast experience up our sleeves. Additionally, we have friendly staff who will help you come up with a perfect payment plan. Over and above all, we are near you. Therefore, we will respond in the shortest time possible and help you save your home.

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