Water Damage Restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

in NYC

Water damage refers to any destruction of materials and property by water. At SOS Restoration, NY, we have the tools to deal with all types of water damage. We offer a professional restoration service to assess and fix any water damage to your home. We go the extra mile to write on types of water damage and how to deal with their effects. Water damage causes include bursting and leaking of pipes, faulty house appliances, and natural disasters. At SOS Restoration, NY, we respond faster to water damage to increase the likelihood of saving water-soaked items. Secondly, our team cleans quickly to mitigate the health effects of water damage on everyone. We advocate carrying out preventive measures of water damage rather than waiting to carry out restoration. The following are our water damage restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn services that we offer.

Water damage restoration in Gerritsen Beach

At SOS Restoration, NY, our water restoration process is in phases. Our able team starts by removing any standing water at the areas. Secondly, we dry all the objects that are in contact with the water. We possess humidifiers with the latest technology that prevent any moisture from damaging your walls and floors. Our team works to perfection ensuring everything is completely dry. Our team uses thermal imaging cameras to provide every trace of moisture removal to prevent further damages. Furthermore, we carry out odor control procedures by spraying the area with deodorants. Our team ensures that every moment we are at your premises; there are minimal chances of further destruction.

Water damage clean up in Gerritsen Beach

We provide customer quality services for water damage restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. Also, we reduce a client’s hustle, and we can restore their belonging to the original condition. We survey the area and advise our clients on the best way of cleaning to deal with the situation. We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of any case. In addition, we use the most advanced water removal and rapid drying equipment. We have an eco-friendly steam cleaning technology with no need for chemicals. We offer hygiene testing and thermal monitoring to ensure there is no further risk of depreciation. Also, we thoroughly document our cleanup process and validate it. Our state of the art instruments provides this process will be fast and thorough; therefore returning your activities to normalcy.

Water Damage Restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

Water removal in Gerritsen Beach

At SOS Restoration, NY, our goal is to return your property to pre-damaged condition. Firstly, we pump standing water and sewage from the affected area. Secondly, we remove and dispose of the materials that have dirty water.  We use professional grade equipment to dry and structure out the room.

Additionally, we sanitize the area to prevent mold growth. Lastly, we rebuild and restore your property. We additionally offer repair services to the floors and walls. We have top of the line water cleanup technology to handle any amount of water. At SOS Restoration, NY, we have the workforce to confront the situation at hand quickly to prevent severe damages. We continuously monitor the job and inform the insurance adjusters throughout the drying process. Call us for quality water damage restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.

Flooded basement restoration in Gerritsen Beach

Primarily, we ensure our customers know our recovery process and basement clean up services. Our specialists use steps to provide the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property. We inspect and assess your premises. Immediately we remove water from your basement, we apply antimicrobial agents. Our experts’ air moves the cellar to dry water moisture completely, and lastly, we monitor the areas. We offer these services at an affordable and friendly rate. Our experts disconnect electrical appliances and cautiously lift tacked carpets. We relocate photos and painting to a dry place. Also, we put aluminum foil under furniture legs. We answer calls at any time of the day and are always ready for action.

Mold remediation in Gerritsen

We take measures to safeguard our customers’ health. We have the latest dry ice blasting sheers that penetrate even inside the tiniest spaces to eliminate traces of molds. Our equipment reduces the risk of spreading mold into the air causing health hazards. At SOS Restoration, NY, we improve your indoor air quality and ensure the infected areas in your property is completely dry. We also offer mold remediation training to our customers with instructions on proper ways to deal with them. We use innovative technology to locate the sources accurately, contain the mold and destroy the cause efficiently and precisely.

Always remember that the place to be for excellent water damage restoration in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn is SOS Restoration NY.

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