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Although water is an important part of life, it can also be a huge cause of destruction for a building. Even worse, water damage destroy your priced possessions in the home or commercial property. Consequently, it compromises the structural integrity of the property. Water damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even if the basement has flooded with just an inch of water or even just dump enough, it is a breeding zone for mold and other fungi. Which is toxic to human health. Equally, mold destroy your walls, carpets, flooring and furniture. It also causes poor air quality which is usually followed by respiratory problems such as asthma among others. As such, people look for companies that can perform water damage restoration in NYC. At SOS Restoration NY, we ensure our work speaks for us in this regard.

Water Damage Restoration in NYC

Water damage can be caused by many factors in the home. It might come from clogged toilets, leaky dishwashers, broken dishwasher hoses, leaky roofs, cracks in the foundation and even broken water pipes in the premises. Thus, water damage could destroy valuable property,  also cost you a lot more to repair the damages the longer it takes. If you live in the NYC area and are experiencing issues relating to water damage, you might want to get in touch with SOS Restoration NY for Water damage restoration in NYC.

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Black water: Most often, Black water can be caused by sewage issues or contamination of the stagnated water. Because of the degree of toxicity involved here, ensure that only professionals take care of this problem to avoid infection.

Assessing the scope of water damage;

Clean water: damage caused by this type of water has no immediate threat to human beings.

Gray water: Water gets a gray tint because of micro-organisms, broken sump pumps, seepage or broken toilets.


water damage repair in nyc

Water Damage Repair in NYC

Furthermore, we provide the full cost of the complete set of garage door and fittings at the same time in your final purchase section. You can prepay for products including installation fees. At SOS Restoration NY, we are prompt. Therefore, our technical team will arrive as soon as the application is submitted.

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Water Removal Company in NYC

The first step in fixing damages by water is by first removing all the leaked water from the premises. Of Course, there are several ways to do this that involve pumping out the water so that you figure the extent of damage adequately. What’s more, being able to remove all the water and drying the place up helps to ensure that mold doesn’t grow to become an issue for the residents. Contact Us for the best water damage restoration in NYC service.

Water Removal Company in NYC

24/7 Emergency Restoration

Most flooding and water damage happens when we don’t know what’s happening. As such, you might need emergency water removal and restoration for your property. At SOS Restoration NY, we pride ourselves in being available to our clientele 24/7. No matter the time of day or night you Contact us, we will show up and deal with the problem squarely.

Water Remediation in NYC

This is basically the process of cleaning, sanitizing and repairing structural damages from water damages. Here, we offer the most effective and pocket friendly water remediation in NYC. Not only are we fast and efficient, we offer our clients the best value for money and even provide free estimates so that the client can have a better understanding of the situation and what it will take to fix it.

Flood Restoration in NYC

If you are a victim of water damage, then flood or storm damage restoration should be a priority for you. Thus, undertaking the right process of water damage restoration in NYC after damage could mean the difference between permanent damage to the property and being able to salvage things. As such, professionals need to be the ones doing the restoration because they use the best practices and materials to restore your property to better shape than before. At SOS Restoration NY, we use our vast experience and knowledge to help you.

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Standing water & Water Leaking in NYC

Standing water

Standing water is a huge threat for the property and its inhabitants. Not only does still water cause the room to become warm and moist, it creates the perfect conditions for growth of bacteria and fungi. What’s more, it brings about a stench that’s difficult to rid without the proper tools and materials.

water leaking in nyc
Water Leaking in NYC

Water Leaking in NYC

Water leaks are common in most homes. They usually happen around plumbing areas such as under sinks, bathrooms, toilets, heating systems and so on. If left without checking, it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and other materials. At SOS Restoration NY, we are experts in solving water leakage along our water damage restoration in NYC services. Visit us today for reliable leak solutions.  

Black Water in NYC

Certainly, Black water can be very deadly if not handled well. To ensure that you have the best solution for black water in NYC, call for professional black water damage restoration in NYC. At SOS Restoration NY, we identify the source of the problem, and fix it permanently. If there is any residual damage, we handle that too.

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