Water Damage Restoration in Pelham Gardens, Bronx

Water Damage Restoration in Pelham Gardens, Bronx

in NYC

When it comes to delivering water damage restoration services in Pelham Garden, Bronx, then you should think SOS Restoration NY. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we are the best option when you need emergency services. Being part of the community offering professionalism and integrity is our main aim. Although it may seem cheaper to do the repairs yourself, you might need an expert to help repair the severely damages. At SOS Restoration NY, we have technicians who are well experienced in water damage restoration in Pelham Garden, Bronx. From mold remediation to water damage cleanup, flood restoration to water removal, we have your back. In-depth, our services include:

Water damage restoration in Pelham Garden, Bronx

Accidents happen. Sometimes, the water becomes too much for you to handle on your own. When faced with water flooding, call for an expert to help you out with the restoration process. This has great benefits. These include:Water damage restoration experts have unique clothing and gear to address flood damages safely. With these gears, our experts can easily handle mold and other fungi that may grow on the property.

Water removal services in Pelham Garden, Bronx

 In a water damage crisis, the response time is all that counts. The more time elapses, the more the damage incurred. This is what makes us stand out from the competition. Out prompt services arrive at your location in the shortest time possible. By valuing your time and property, we work to mitigate the damage before it reaches unmanageable levels. We use the best techniques for quality water damage restoration in Pelham Garden, Bronx. At SOS Restoration NY, our services have a guarantee period. That means for a certain period after offering the services; you can file for complaints and have them addressed at no additional cost.

Water Damage Restoration in Pelham Gardens, Bronx

Mold remediation in Pelham Garden, Bronx

Mold remediation involves cleaning up existing mold and prevent the growth of new mold while protecting yourself from exposure. Without protective clothing, you expose yourself to the harmful effect of mold. The mold remediation procedure adopted by SOS Restoration NY includes:

Repair of the water problem- mold grows in moist areas. When you repair the water issue, you cut off the supply, eventually killing the mold.

Isolate the contaminated area- close all windows and doors leading to other rooms because the mold spores are airborne and can quickly move from one place to another.

Remove materials- we remove all mold-damaged porous materials and place them in plastic bags. The elements are then detergent cleaned before leaving the contamination sites.

Storm damage restoration in Pelham Gardens, Bronx

Storms are natural calamities that occur once in a while due to global warming or a rise in the sea level. By hiring professional storm damage restoration services, you will incur fewer costs and damages to your property. At SOS Restoration NY, we surpass your expectations regarding water damage restoration in Pelham Garden, Bronx. We deliver high quality services as we restore your premises to its original state after a disaster.  We repair damaged walls, floors reconstruction, roofs as well as re-painting charred surfaces. Moreover, we construct water and wind barriers around your home to block any future storms.

Water damage cleanup in Pelham Bay, Bronx

After a calamity like water damage, water damage cleanup is what follows. With the aim of removing the water from your home and handling the damages impacted, involving an expert is imminent. An expert will know where to look and how to find the costs. They also use high-tech equipment to determine the amount of damage to any structure. 

SOS Restoration NY, a reputable company in water damage restoration in Pelham Garden, Bronx, is the solution to all your problems. With experts trained to repair pipes, walls, dry, reconstruct and remove mold, your money gets its real value.

Black mod remediation in Pelham Garden, Bronx

Black mold is hazardous to human health and other animals, therefore, calls for special handling. Distinguishing black mold from the typical mold is hard. Thus, you should contact a professional company once you detect mold growth in your home. SOS Restoration NY uses products that eliminate 98percent of your black mold, cleanses the surfaces and deodorizes the room. With this, you can rest assured of no future occurrences of black mold in your house. For these and other water damage restoration services in Pelham Garden, Bronx, call us today.

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