Water Damage Restoration in Riverdale, Bronx

in NYC

At SOS Restoration, NY, we offer a variety of services regarding water damage restoration in Riverdale, Bronx. Water damage describes the adverse effects of water on materials and systems. We deal with disasters that are imperceptibly slow and minor to the ones that are catastrophic such as flooding. At SOS Restoration, NY, we identify all causes of water damage and our experts provide the best solutions to curb them. We respond faster to all categories of water damage. Additionally, in the case of immediate causes such as flooding, we have a team that deals with the emergency. We have a broad understanding of all water damage types from clean water, grey water, and black water. Our technical staff ensures our water restoration services in Riverdale, Bronx are in trend with the latest technology to increase our effectiveness.

Water damage restoration in Riverdale, Bronx

At SOS Restoration, NY, our professionals respond immediately and use advanced equipment and methods to remove water quickly. We usually take a maximum of five days to dry out the area. Time depends on the extent of damage and saturation caused by the water. We protect and preserve the property and its contents so that more damage will not occur. We closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is back to its original state. In addition, we use advanced water restoration equipment that detects hidden moisture, extract standing water and thoroughly clean and dry belongings. We professionally deodorize and sanitize your property for comfort and safety.

Water damage clean up in Riverdale, Bronx

At SOS Restoration, NY, we handle water damage restoration in Riverdale, Bronx for everything from burst pipes to floods. Our technical staff removes excess water then dry and dehumidifies to prevent mold growth. We have the latest water detection probes that find hidden water. Our services extend to repairing and replacing of structures such as ruined drywall, chipped floors. After clean up, we assist in filing insurance claims. Our extensive cleanup services include an application of antimicrobial agents as well as air cleaning. We leave our advanced water mitigation equipment in your premises until the temperature, humidity, and moisture dry to acceptable levels.  We surface not only clean items but also thoroughly clean and disinfect. Our water damage cleans up services in Riverdale, Bronx are completely giving you peace of mind when you return to your property.

Water Damage Restoration in Riverdale, Bronx

Water removal in Riverdale, Bronx

This step involves removing the majority of the water from your home or property. SOS Restoration, NY performs a thorough water extraction, which helps in reducing drying time and secondary water damage. We have potent pumps to remove thousands of gallons of water from your property. We highly train our staff that begins the water removal process almost immediately. Also, we inspect the carpet, pad and remove it to protect subfloor. We have portable extraction units to perform efficient water removal and infrared cameras to detect hidden water. We have several types of water removal services, which we deliver with accuracy and precision.

Flood basement restoration in Riverdale, Bronx

Flood basement is very serious as even the smallest amount of water leaves a mold which can be toxic to the air you breathe. Our technicians who we train and certify have expertise and equipment to remove any water in your basement. We offer a quick response to ensure the water does not tamper with electricity since it is dangerous. We provide manuals on our website to help our clients on the things to do in case the basement floods. In addition, we dehumidify and treat the areas and restore it to like-new status. Furthermore, we address any drainage issues, fill foundation cracks and guide you in investing in the quality sump pump. We clean and deal with it in one or two days. For cost effective yet top-notch water damage restoration in Riverdale, Bronx, contact only us.

Mold remediation in Riverdale, Bronx

Introduction of a water source leads to mold infesting an area and can spread within forty-eight hours. We inspect and assess your property for mold problems. Our staff has the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. We have instruments to detect the water feeding the mold and isolate the affected area using a negative air pressure chamber. Besides, we have modern air movers to remove water thus preventing the growth of molds efficiently. We apply disinfectants and antimicrobial to curb the spreading of molds. At SOS Restoration, NY, our staff has come up with products with a triple action that works on molds. We supply and sell antimicrobial agents at a customer friendly price.

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